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Cricket Ventures launches new web site for Buy Radar Detectors!

In 2002, Cricket Ventures launched its flagship website, Buy Radar Detectors. Today we are excited to introduce an all new design for our radar detector site for 2017!

This new and improved site is easier than ever to navigate and to find the products and resources we offer. We combine it all with our top notch customer service and support for a complete virtual shopping experience.

Customers can now search for a radar detector by brand, category, type of mount or price. The Buyer's Guide is still there and updated with the latest recommendations. Of course, as always our customers can also call, e-mail or chat with us live on the new web site during normal business hours for even more personal service.

Cricket Ventures President Danny Feemster explained the makeover was needed to stay on top in the retail marketplace. He stated, "Our web site has been running on a platform that we developed in-house, starting back in 2002. While it has evolved over the years, it simply wasn't cut out for the web of today. Moving to this new platform has been a long process, but now that we've launched we're able to take advantage of exciting new functionality. Most noticeable is our new design, which is more modern and user friendly, particularly for mobile devices. I'm most excited that this new platform will allow us to stay ahead of the curve, and enable our staff to more easily deliver the service and support that you've come to expect."

Our new and improved web site is now online at