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December 25, 2017

Happy Holidays 2017 from Cricket Ventures!

Our entire management and staff at Cricket Ventures would like to thank all of our customers and vendors for a wonderful 2017! We wish you and yours Happy Holidays and a safe and wonderful new year!

November 6, 2017

Radio 101 is back in production!

Since early 2012, our Cricket Ventures studio has produced numerous podcasts and videos to educate, inform and hopefully entertain our customers regarding the products we sell.

In November 2013 we introduced a new Internet video series about radio communications called Radio 101. Hosted by Cricket Ventures Sales Manager and radio product and programming expert Anthony Roque, the primary goal of this weekly series was to educate users on the basics of two way radio products and technology.

Episodic videos are available to view on our Buy Two Way Radios YouTube channel and directly from our Radio 101 video blog New episodes were released each Monday morning.

Each episode covered one topic or question related to the use of radios and radio technology and provides an answer or resolution in less than three minutes. The show ran for 33 episodes, and proved to be quite popular.

Now it's back with a new host and an all new look, just in time for the holidays! Directed and hosted by Buy Two Way Radios Product Manager Rick Savoia and produced by Cricket Ventures, LLC, Radio 101 takes basic radio Q and A to the next level. The new Radio 101 videos begin Wednesday, November 29, 2017. New episodes are released each Wednesday morning.

For more information about Radio 101 call 1-800-584-1445 or visit Buy Two Way Radios.

October 23, 2017

Cricket Ventures launches new web site for Banoggle!

In 2002, Cricket Ventures launched Banoggle. This month we are excited to introduce an all new design for our retail site for fall 2017!

This new and improved site makes shopping on Banoggle easier and more efficient than before, combining simplicity with first class customer service and support for a more pleasant virtual shopping experience.

Customers can now search for all our products by brand, category, type or price. The Feature Guides are still there and as well as our repository of product manuals. Of course, as always our customers can also call, e-mail or chat with us live on the new web site during normal business hours for even more personalized service.

In addition to a cleaner, more modern design, the site is optimized for online shopping with mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. Our new and improved web site is now online at

September 4, 2017

Cricket Ventures partners with Vertex Standard to offer radio trade-in deal

Last week we partnered with Vertex Standard to offer our customers a special trade-in promotion and the promo was extended for a second week. From now through Friday September 8th, 2017, you can trade in your old business radios for credit towards a new EVX Series digital Vertex Standard radio sold at Buy Two Way Radios!

The credit applies to select models in the EVX Series, and the credit amount varies per model. Save $25 per radio on the Vertex Standard EVX-261, or $35 each on the EVX-S24. The trade-in can be any make or model of radio except Motorola, and they do not have to be in working condition. This offer is valid on our Buy Two Way Radios site.

August 7, 2017

New video preview of the TYT MD-9600 now available

In March 2016, TYT announced a new mobile digital DMR radio, the MD-9600. It was expected to arrive during the summer, however this didn't happen due to multiple production relatated issues and delays. We now have good news! We recently received a MD-9600 for review!

We produced an unboxing video of the unit complete with an audio sample. The TYT MD-9600 Dual Band DMR Digital Mobile Radio unboxing video is now available to view on our Buy Two Way Radios video blog and YouTube channel.

July 24, 2017

We have Midland X-Talker Series radios!

Cricket Ventures is an authorized Midland radio dealer, and sells may popular models of its FRS/GMRS and CB radios. We even carry their compact, economical business radio, the BR200. Now there are even more Midland models in our warehouse. We have Midland X-Talker Series radios!

We carry the complete line of X-Talker models. From the simple, budget friendly T10 to the full-featured, top-of-the-line, T77VP5 Extreme Dual Pack, we have them all, and Midland X-Talker accessories to boot!

The Midland X-Talker Series is available on our Buy Two Way Radios and Banoggle sites.

June 5, 2017

We carry emergency weather radios

At Cricket Ventures, we sell many radio related products for multiple applications. From radar detectors to walkie talkies, we cover the airwaves. Now that it's hurricane season, we want you to know we have it covered as well. We carry emergency weather radios!

We have a full line of emergency and weather radios in stock at Buy Two Way Radios and Banoggle, ready to ship when you order.

Whether you need an emergency hand crank muiti-function model from Midland or a table top weather radio with SAME technology from Motorola, we can help you find the one you need. Give us a call or enter our live chat weekdays to fit the right emergency and weather radio for you.

May 15, 2017

Buy Two Way Radios to provide live coverage of FCC Part 95 reform

In 2010, the FCC proposed changes to the Part 95 rules. If approved, the new rules could potentially impact the consumer two way radio market in many ways. Since the initial announcement, Cricket Ventures closely monitored the proposal, providing periodic updates on the Buy Two Way Radios Blog and on the Two Way Radio Show Podcast.

Finally, after seven years, the FCC decided to rule on the proposal during its monthly open meeting May 18, 2017. Considering the significance of the ruling, we will provide live documented coverage of the meeting on the Buy Two Way Radios Blog, @2WayRadios on Twitter and our Buy Two Way Radios Facebook page beginning at 10 AM EDT on May 18, 2017.

April 3, 2017

New DMR radio and a giveaway

Recently, we announced a new DMR digital radio coming from TYT, the MD-2017. This isn't just another digital walkie talkie. The TYT MD-2017 is a dual band digital portable handheld two way radio. So, In a recent episode of our podcast, we came up with a idea to make the arrival of this new radio really memorable. We decided to give one away!

Listen to Episode 111 of The Two Way Radio Show Podcast for details.

March 6, 2017

Our Midland MXT preview videos return valuable viewer feedback

In 2015, Cricket Ventures created a preview video of the first GMRS MicroMobile two way radio from Midland, the MXT100. Although initially well received, this first radio also had many critical reviews from GMRS users, most notably for lacking certain features and functionality for the price point.

As we passed this feedback on to Midland, the manufacturer listened and took notes. In late 2016 Midland announced three new models in the MXT line, and we received demos of each product to review. In January 2017 we released a new Midland MXT Series unboxing video featuring all three new models, The MXT105, MXT115, and MXT400.

We've received feedback from this one as well, and based on the comments so far, it seems Midland is on the right track with these radios. Early sales are strong, and seem to indicate these radios are destined to be quite popular for a long time to come.

Our Midland MXT preview videos return valuable viewer feedback, and your comments do make a difference!