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October 7, 2010

Buy Radar Detectors, Buy Two Way Radios, and Banoggle Now Even Better!

Here at Cricket Ventures we work very hard to create an exciting and informative shopping experience. Combined with our personal customer support and industry knowledge it has helped us to become a leading online retailer.

As part of our continuing initiatives to provide exceptional online shopping locations for our customers we have recently started to add multiple images for the products we carry. We have already completed a large number of products, and we plan to be finished in the 1st quarter of 2011. We feel that taking images personally and in-house for our websites, combined with the detailed descriptions we already provide, creates an informative and rewarding shopping environment.

Being a smart shopper and being frugal in purchasing decisions is very important to everyone at Cricket Ventures. As such, we strive to inform shoppers and also to sell quality products at low prices. We are demanding of the products we carry and of the manufacturers we represent. Our ongoing directive is to continue to create customer focused websites and to provide exceptional customer support.