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June 12, 2009

We Now Carry Icom Two Way Radios, Icom Radio Accessories at Buy Two Way Radios!

Buy Two Way Radios is constantly looking for great products to carry. This means we spend a considerable amount of time doing research, talking with customers, and meeting industry people. We pride ourselves in the fact that we do not just carry one brand (like a lot of other places). This means we can provide you with the communications solutions you need, and not try to pressure you to buy something because it is all we have.

After meeting with a lot of great people, and talking with our customers, we started to give Icom a serious look. Well, we liked what we found. Icom is a very solid, yet personable, company. They are not so huge they could care less about their customers, not too small either. They do not "farm out" any design work, even the manufacturing. When they say they make their radios completely in-house at Icom, they mean it. This means they have full control over the design, manufacturing, and quality of their products. We like that.

Buy Two Way Radios is now an authorized dealer for Icom two way radios and Icom accessories. We are excited about this product line as it allows us to offer our customers a full range of LMR products from simple portable radios to advanced digital and repeater systems. If you are interested in an Icom product you do not see listed, please contact us. Over the next few weeks we will be doing some more detailed blog posts on Icom radios and Icom accessories.

Now that we are an Icom dealer, we can provide even more solutions for your communications needs. We see Icom as truly enriching the products and services we offer (at a great price as all of you know!). Combined with our personal approach, you will now have even more options. As always, contact us with any questions, or to just say hi. Everyone have a great weekend!