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January 7, 2013

We are now a Tram Browning dealer!

As you know, we are always searching for new and exciting products to deliver to our customers. Now we are happy to announce that we have found another quality manufacturer whose products support and enhance our existing product line. Cricket Ventures is now a Tram Browning Authorized Dealer!

Tram Browning manufactures a complete line of quality radio antennas and hardware. The choice of antenna is critically important to the performance of a radio, and not every antenna fits every radio or application. To ensure we provide the best range of choices available, we've partnered with Tram Browning to bring the best antennas, mounts and other hardware directly to you!

Tram Browning antenna products are currently available on our Buy Two Way Radios, Buy Radar Detectors and Banoggle web sites to order.