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July 1, 2015

New video series with the Veil Guy

Recently we began production on a new series of videos for our Buy Radar Detectors site. Unofficially known as The Veil Guy videos, the series will consist of fourteen videos ranging from 5 to 18 minutes in length. These videos feature reviews of some of the popular radar detectors and other traffic countermeasure products currently on the market.

Hosted by Cricket Ventures President and Two Way Radio Show co-host Danny Feemster, the series format consists of on-camera interviews with Bob Rosania, CEO of Veil Corporation. His company produces Veil G5 Stealth Coating, a translucent liquid that can be painted onto vehicle plates, headlights and other reflective surfaces to minimize the effectiveness of police lidar used for speed and traffic enforcement. Bob is known in the radar detector industry as The Veil Guy, and in this series of interviews he provides reviews of specific radar/laser detectors and other products as well as some educational information and insights on the radar and laser detection industry as a whole.

This was a particularly ambitious project for Cricket Ventures. A set was specially constructed for the series and a multi-camera setup was used to shoot the videos. Production began in early April 2015, with a full day of shooting on April 10. The series is now in post production. Videos will be released during the next few months with the last scheduled for the 2015 holidays.