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October 9, 2014

We now offer Fiplex duplexers

We sell more than just two way radios. We also sell repeaters to help them transmit and receive across even greater distances than they could on their own. For full duplex communications, our repeaters typically include a duplexer. Historically, we sold Fiplex duplexers as components of existing repeater packages. We are excited to announce that Cricket Ventures is now an authorized Fiplex dealer!

Fiplex is a big name in duplexers, and you will find them in many makes and models of repeaters, including models we sell on our sites. Fiplex duplexers are also used in other applications, such as mobile full duplex radios and digital and analog wireless radio.

Fiplex duplexers are available on our Buy Two Way Radios and Banoggle web sites to order.