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May 8, 2007

New Motorola 2007 GMRS / FRS Radios

On Motorola's 2007 GMRS / FRS line are released to the public and are in stock. The new models are the T9550XLR, T9500XLR, T8550R, T8500R, FV750R, and FV700R.

This series includes 3 camo colored models, the T9550XLR, T8550R, and FV750R. The 9550 and 8550 camo models also include a pair of push-to-talk earbuds (model 53727). These earbud packs are a nice addition, and gives Motorola a package similar to the GXT600VP4 and GXT650VP4 value pack offerings from Midland.

The feature set is very similar between all of these new models, with the primary difference being the power / range of the radios. The 9500 and 9550 have an antenna that is about 1 1/2 inches longer than current models, giving them a 25 mile range in ideal conditions (typically 2 miles in urban conditions). The 8500 and 8550's advertise an 18 mile range (1.8 in urban conditions), and the FV700R and FV750R's advertise a 12 mile range (1 mile in urban conditions). Motorola has not yet provided us with the actual wattage of the radios.

All of these models include rechargeable batteries and a dual pocket charger, and they all support 11 NOAA weather channels. The 9000 and 8000 series' have the VibraCall vibrate alert.

These new models should be going fast.