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Blog series helps customers fix their radios

Our Buy Two Way Radios Blog isn't just about news and product announcements from one of our Cricket Ventures retail web sites. We focus on quality content to help our customers learn how to make most of their radios. Recently we published a series of "how to" articles about our products. It's not merely a collection of tutorials. It's a set of procedures to find solutions and get results. We call it our What To Do series.

Initially created to support the products we sell, this series of articles helps customers troubleshoot and resolve issues with their radio equipment using easy to follow, step-by-step directions presented in a logical order. From non-connecting programming cables to non-responsive radios, Our What To Do series tells you, well, what to do to find out what's really wrong with your radio (or what isn't), so you can set it right and get back on the air.

For more about What To Do, listen to episode #105 of The Two Way Radio Show Podcast.