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February 4, 2013

New video series answers common questions about two way radios

Our Cricket Ventures studio has been busy producing podcasts and videos to help our customers stay informed about the products we sell and to help them learn how to get the most out of them. Our latest project is the recent launch of a new Internet video series about radio communications called Radio 101! This weekly series is now available on our Buy Two Way Radios YouTube channel and directly from our Radio 101 video blog New episodes are released each Monday morning.

The new show, hosted by Cricket Ventures Sales Manager and radio product and programming expert Anthony Roque, answers common questions about radio technology and resolves basic issues frequently encountered by users and our customers. Each episode covers one topic or question related to the use of radios and radio technology and provides an answer or resolution in less than three minutes.

"We want our customers to be as informed as possible about the radios they purchase from us", Danny Feemster, President of Cricket Ventures, LLC and Executive Producer of the series said in a press release. "Radio 101 will enable us to help the public get the most out of the technology and show them how easy it is to understand and use these products with a minimum of hassle and frustration".

The new series is directed by Buy Two Way Radios Product Manager Rick Savoia and produced by Cricket Ventures, LLC.

For more information about Radio 101 call 1-800-584-1445 or visit Buy Two Way Radios.