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February 6, 2009

Whistler's 2009 Radar Detector Lineup at Buy Radar Detectors

Buy Radar Detectors is pleased to announce the new lineup of Whistler radar detectors!

For 2009, Whistler's product line will include a total of 11 radar detector models (including 3 Pro series models). At least two high-end models, the XTR-690 and Pro 78, will be reintroduced with a few face-lifts and a sensitivity-enhancing new feature. A new cordless model and a new sub $100 model will also be released.

The new models and features listed below have been confirmed, but of course these models are still a few months away so changes can happen.

Improved Ka Band Sensitivity

Hardworking Whistler engineers have found a way to squeeze even more Ka sensitivity out of their high-end platform! The new XTR-690 SE and Pro 78 SE will all have a new mode called Ka Max. With Ka Max activated these detectors will deliver even more range on Ka alerts.

New Radar Detectors

Whistler Pro-78 SE

Pro 78 SE (Updated!) - The current Pro 78 will be replaced with the slightly modified "Pro 78 SE". The shiny silver buttons and splash of blue coloring on the top of the detector are gone in favor of solid black. The Ka Max mode has been added as well as the RSID feature that was first available in the XTR-695. RSID makes it easier to quickly distinguish a real Ka threat from a false alert. Estimated retail price is $179.99. We will be selling them for $169.95, and are now taking pre-orders!

Whistler XTR-690 SE

XTR-690 SE (Updated!) - The "XTR-690 SE" will replace the current XTR-690. This model is also now solid black, but more importantly has a completely different display. Instead of the blue backlit text display, which some users reported as being difficult to see in bright sunlight, the "XTR-690 SE" has bright red text on a black background. This display is very similar to the display of the Pro 78 SE, only red instead of blue. The Ka Max mode has also been added. Estimated retail price is $169.99. We will be selling them for $159.95, and are now taking pre-orders!

Whistler XTR-540

XTR-540 - The XTR-540 is a cordless model that will replace the popular 1788 and make Whistler's flagship cordless model look more consistent with the rest of their lineup. This model will have the same style of display (blue backlit text) as the 1788 and will also feature a built-in battery charger. Blue "alert periscope" LED's have been added as well as a 72 point digital compass. Estimated retail price is $149.99.

Whistler XTR-265

XTR-265 - This is a fairly low end model, one step up from the XTR-140 and very similar to the now discontinued XTR-260. It features an icon display with a numeric signal strength indicator and POP mode detection. Estimated retail price is $69.99.

All of the new models listed above are expected to start shipping in mid to late April, however this date is tentative and could change! We will likely begin accepting pre-orders for a few of these models as we approach the release date.