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May 23, 2011

Free Care and Maintenance Tips For Two Way Radios

This month we're giving out FREE tips and tricks at Buy Two Way Radios for maintaining your two way radios! First, you can download our FREE Two Way Radio Care and Maintenance Guide. This free guide is chock full of advice and best practices for taking care of your radios to maximize your investement. You can read from your desktop or print it out to share with everyone on your staff or in your group. If you need a more permanent version, a you can purchase a laminated version of our Care and Maintenance Guide for a nominal fee.

This month we also released a special episode of The Two Way Radio Show titled Care and Maintenance of Two Way Radios. In this episode we tell you how to maintain your two way radio properly to keep it in peak operating condition. You can hear it on demand anytime. Best of all, it's FREE!