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August 27, 2009

We Love Customer Reviews at Buy Two Way Radios!

At Buy Two Way Radios we get to learn about all kinds of great walkie talkies and other communication items. Sadly we often do not have the time to play with every item as much as we would like. Ahem, I mean to properly test each product in a laboratory setting adhering to strict engineering standards. That is why we love it when all of you let us know what you think. It has a direct impact on what we carry and what we recommend to people.

Since we are not some large chain store, or part of a mega-industrial conglomerate, we have a lot of freedom in the products we provide to our friends and customers. The feedback we get from all of you helps us carry the two way radios and accessories all of you like. This in turn keeps our inventory current, full of exciting items, and also helps to keep our prices down since we do not buy things people do not want.

Over on our two way radio forums, we have a great bunch of folks. They let us know real quick about what they think about the radios we carry. Today I am just going to link to you some reviews done by forum member jwilkers:

Midland GXT1000 Review
Motorola MR355R Review
Cobra CXR900 Review

We love unbiased reviews like these. If you have feedback on an item, leave a comment here on our two way radio blog, over on our walkie talkie forums, or just give us a call. Everyone here at Buy Two Way Radios looks forward to hearing from you! You may even be mentioned here on the blog.