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New Leixen backpack radios

Leixen manufactures a micro mobile two way radio that is somewhat unique to the industry, the VV-898 UHF/VHF Dual Band Mobile Two-Way Radio. Now the company has launched two new backpack radios you won't find in just any store. As an Authorized Leixen Dealer, Cricket Ventures has them!

The Leixen UHF/VHF Dual Band Mobile Backpack Two Way Radio embeds the VV-898 in a special chassis with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery for hours of power in the field. It The unit can also operate as a base station and includes an AC adapter so you can recharge the battery or power it from the wall as needed! The chassis has a built-in radiator with an on/off switch to keep the radio cool. The chassis can also be disassembled and the radio removed for installation in a vehicle.

The Leixen backpack radio is available in two versions. The VV-898P is 10 Watts and the VV-898SP is 25 Watts. Both models, along with other amateur radios and amateur radio accessories are available on our Buy Two Way Radios and Banoggle web sites.