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Radio 101 is back in production!

Since early 2012, our Cricket Ventures studio has produced numerous podcasts and videos to educate, inform and hopefully entertain our customers regarding the products we sell.

In November 2013 we introduced a new Internet video series about radio communications called Radio 101. Hosted by Cricket Ventures Sales Manager and radio product and programming expert Anthony Roque, the primary goal of this weekly series was to educate users on the basics of two way radio products and technology.

Episodic videos are available to view on our Buy Two Way Radios YouTube channel and directly from our Radio 101 video blog New episodes were released each Monday morning.

Each episode covered one topic or question related to the use of radios and radio technology and provides an answer or resolution in less than three minutes. The show ran for 33 episodes, and proved to be quite popular.

Now it's back with a new host and an all new look, just in time for the holidays! Directed and hosted by Buy Two Way Radios Product Manager Rick Savoia and produced by Cricket Ventures, LLC, Radio 101 takes basic radio Q and A to the next level. The new Radio 101 videos begin Wednesday, November 29, 2017. New episodes are released each Wednesday morning.

For more information about Radio 101 call 1-800-584-1445 or visit Buy Two Way Radios.