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We now carry air band radios!

As an e-tailer, we are always looking up, searching for new ways to expand our product lines and take our ebusiness even higher. Recently we looked to the sky - literally - and added a new category of radios at Buy Two Way Radios: air band radios!

An air band or avionics radio is used in the aviation industry as a vital tool for pilots and aircraft, both for communication and navigation. Without these radios, pilots and ground crews could not relay information critical to the navigation of aircraft and the safety of everyone in and around it.

Icom manufactures a quality line of air band radios, such as the Icom IC-A6 and Icom IC-A14. Since we are an authorized Icom reseller, we are proud to offer these products to our customers!

For more information about air band radios, read The basics of air band radios. For an in-depth discussion, listen to The Two Way Radio Show #42 - Flying With Radios.

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