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Meet us at the local hamfest

A year ago last March we attended our first hamfest in Concord, NC. In October 2013 we attended a second hamfest in our home town of Rock Hill, SC. This year we are expanding our local presence with booths at several more area hamfests!

Hamfests are a great way to meet and interact with our customers in the amateur radio community and are proven venues for soliciting valuable customer feedback. During 2014, Cricket Ventures plans to attend five local area hamfests to promote Buy Two Way Radios and learn more about how we can best serve the amateur radio market. We've attended two of these events already and we've learned a lot from each one. The 2014 Charlotte Hamfest, held March 7 and 8, was a huge event for us and we had a great interactive experience with customers. The BRARS Hamfest was held May 3 in Spartanburg, SC and it was an enjoyable and educational experience.

We plan to attend a few more in 2014. If you are in the area and would like to meet up with us at one of these events, subscribe to our Buy Two Way Radios blog or join our Two Way Radio Forum and stay tuned for the dates and times of our next scheduled hamfest!

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