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Motorola CLP Radios, Changing How You Will Look At and Use Business Two Way Radios

UPDATED (2/17/10): We are now expecting to have the radios and repeater in stock in April!

Now and then here at Buy Two Way Radios we find out about a new radio that is truly innovative. The new Motorola CLP1010 and Motorola CLP1040 two way radios may lead to a rethinking about how radios look and function.

The CLP 1010 and CLP 1040 are designed for restaurants, hospitality, and retail businesses. They are 1 watt radios and have 1 and 4 channels respectively. They are designed to be stylish, and easy to use.

Motorola CLP Two Way Radio

They are also rather small. The CLP series uses a compact (3.5 x 2.0 x 0.75 inches) and light (2.38 ounces with battery) design. So, how do they get a business radio that small? They changed around some things, and just made the rest more compact. They have removed the speaker, you will have to use a headset and one comes with each radio standard. They also have an internal antenna and very few exterior buttons. Instead there are just a few side buttons, with many functions using voice driven menus. There is an LED ring indicator around the top logo will glow to indicate the current channel, transmitting and receiving, scan, and battery level. Also gone is the traditional side PTT switch. There is just a single large PTT button.

Oh, and they are also repeater capable. They are specifically designed to work with the new Motorola RPU2160 Portable Repeater. Combined together, the radios and repeaters create a very affordable option. The radios are very easy to use, and the repeaters are simple to setup. This means you can easily transport an entire communication system.

With a very nontraditional look and approach, the CLP radios will be great for businesses that want their staff to carry around something besides traditional walkie talkies. If you want your staff to look as high tech and knowledgeable as the products they sell and company they work for, then you want to give these radio a serious look.

If you want to learn more about these radios, or have any questions, please give us a call at 1-800-584-1445


I just added this website to my feed reader, excellent stuff. Can't get enough!

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