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Accepting Pre-Orders on the Beltronics Pro GX65 at Buy Radar Detectors

We are excited to announce that we are accepting pre-orders for the new Beltronics Pro GX65 GPS enabled radar detector. The Bel GX65 provides the high performance and functionality that you have grown to expect from Beltronics radar detectors, but is Bel's first detector to incorporate a GPS chip. The GPS allows the GX65 to offer many of the GPS enhanced functions of an Escort 9500i, such as false alert reduction, while adding a North American database of red light, speed, and safety camera locations.

Vehicles equipped with the Bel Pro GX65 will be able to avoid tickets from the proliferation of red light cameras and speed cameras. The Bel Pro GX65 incorporates GPS and the North American Trinity Database, which allows a user to be notified of known speed cameras or red light cameras. The Trinity Database can be updated through a PC USB cable and it is recommended to do so every month due to the fluid nature of camera use to enforce traffic regulations.

The addition of GPS not only allows the user to be warned of known locations, the Bel Pro GX65 allows the user to "mark" the locations of local speed traps and hot spots. Another annoyance, repeated false alarms, is virtually eliminated with the Bel Pro GX65. While driving by areas that normally set off false alarms, the user can program the Bel Pro GX65 to disregard the location and frequency of the false alert.

The Veil Guy has a pre-release version of this highly anticipated new model, and has posted a preliminary Bel GX65 review to his blog. Check it out!

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