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Motorola Business Radio Promo: Free Radio or Multi-Charger

Motorola Free Radio/Multi-Charger PromotionWe are excited to be participating in a new promotion that is being offered by Motorola on certain Motorola business two way radios! For every 5 XTN or CLS series radios that you buy, you qualify for your choice of either a) one free radio or b) one 6 unit charger. This promotion is valid on every 5 radios purchased, up to a maximum of 40 radios. That means you can qualify for up to 8 free radios or multi-chargers!

If you choose the free radio, the radio radio model that you will receive for free will match the model of radios that you purchased. This is a value of up to $205 when you purchased the Motorola XU2600 radio! If you choose the free charger, you will receive the model 53879 charger ($175 value) if you purchased XTN series radios and the 56531 charger ($139 value) if you purchased CLS series radios. You can view these chargers on our XTN series accessories and CLS series accessories pages.

This is a mail-in promotion being fulfilled by Motorola, not Buy Two Way Radios. After you receive your radios, you will need to claim your free radio/charger by visiting and filling out their online form. They will require that you mail them the UPC/serial number sticker from the radio boxes along with a copy of your receipt (which will be included in your package). Your free radio/charger is typically delivered within 4 to 6 weeks.

This offer expires June 30, 2007. Click here for full details.

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