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Escort has Changed the Solo S2 Radar Detector

The Escort Solo S2 Cordless Radar Detector is a favorite around here. While cordless radar detectors do not have the same performance of a "wired" model, the Solo 2 is still a very good radar detector. Also, it is perfect for motorcycles, and for those that need a detector that can easily be set-up and used with different vehicles.

Escort Solo S2 Radar Detectos

Escort has made some minor changes to the packaging of the Solo 2 model. On the left side of the picture is the old package, and on the right is the new one. The radar detector is staying the same, but it will now come with a soft case and an extra set of suction cups. The price is remaining the same at $339.95. Here at Buy Radar Detectors our opinion on soft cases is split. Many feel that it makes it easier to store, and is more rugged than the hard case. Others feel that the hard case provides better protection and is, well, nicer. We only have a few hard case models left, so if you want one, please call us at 1-800-584-1445 and specify that you want one.

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